Have a up close look at some of the most successful men in the world and find how they deal with life's troubles and successes.

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The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat…

this drama is lived out daily in sporting arenas all across the U.S. —and in the everyday lives of America ’s men. Living Life In The Zone , a groundbreaking new book for men is being enjoyed by Christian men throughout the country. It meets men at the intersection of faith and sports, the common language that many men speak. 

Taking a cue from popular talk shows such as “Pardon the Interruption,” “NFL Primetime,” “College Football Game Day” and “NBA Halftime,” Living Life In The Zone produces a forum for “anything goes” conversation—a peppery mix of sports talk, strong opinions--- when used as a men's Bible study or private read. Creating an atmosphere much like a locker room with coaches laying out the big game plan, Living Life In The Zone engages men in a spiritual discussion of life and faith. It’s two real guys discussing real issues, such as, “How do you climb the ladder of success while staying connected to your wife, kids and faith?” 

“Our years of research have identified a generation of men that are living in the most stress-infused culture in history,” says Dr. Joe Pettigrew , a highly distinguished leadership consultant and leading authority on the issues affecting today’s senior executives. Pettigrew co-authored Living Life In The Zone with Kyle Rote , Jr. , the only American born player to ever win a major professional soccer league scoring championship and founder of Athletic Resource Management, Inc., a successful sports agency that represents some 40 pro athletes. 

“Men are being pulled apart by their desire to succeed in their career, provide for their family, meet the needs of their spouse and be a ‘Super Dad’ for their kids,” continues Pettigrew. “When they add faith to their already packed schedules, church tends to seem more of an obligation than a possible solution to their unbalanced life. Living Life In The Zone will share stories of how well known sports personalities and some of the world’s most successful businessmen struggle with the same issues as regular guys do on a daily basis. 

 “When I first heard about In The Zone, I wasn't sure I wanted to hear more - commitments scare me,” says Chris Mortensen , ESPN NFL Senior Analyst featured on “ Sunday NFL Countdown,” “Monday Night Countdown” and “SportsCenter. “I’m glad I got over the fear – there’s no question God quickened my heart and opened my eyes to a great opportunity. We talked about our real Christian life in a sports-like setting? That’s too good to be true for a guy like me. Sign me up.” 

“Having your priorities in the right order is key to living a successful life,” notes Michael Glenn , Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications, FedEx Corporation.

Living Life In The Zone is designed to help you deal with the challenges we face on a daily basis while not compromising those priorities.”  “It is a relevant, fast read, life changing read that I am proud to be a part of,” says Mike Gottfried , ESPN college football analyst, former NCAA football coach and Team Focus founder . “Being a college football coach and an ESPN analyst, I love talking sports. However, one of the most important things in my life is my Christian walk. Living Life In the Zone allows me to talk both!” 

The book takes a four-quarter approach and utilize the connecting thread of sports, hunting, fishing and cars to transition to the more weighty issues that most men face today—work, women, fatherhood and how to balance it all. The book aims to help redefine men’s perceptions of success, manhood and what it means to live out their faith in today’s society. Living Life In The Zone is about uncovering best practices, not perfect practices, in regards to finding solutions to the most common struggles of manhood—an opportunity for men of all walks of life to identify with the challenges and difficulties we all face. 

With its unique approach, Living Life In The Zone is  gaining the attention and support of respected organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Promise Keepers and Men’s Fraternity.

Power. Grace. Strength. Fearlessness. That is Living Life in the Zone. For many men, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an athlete elevate his game to another realm. Quarterbacks thread passes through impossibly tight creases. Golfers sink pressure-packed putts. Sluggers park baseballs ten rows deep in the cheap seats. Everything came into focus. Against all reason, time slowed down.

If only we mortals were so lucky. Between the stresses of work and the pressures of parenthood and marriage, our time-our life-flies by faster than major league fastball. Can we hope to elevate our game and enter the zone?

Living Life in the Zone
is a 40-Day spiritual journey for discovering abundant life. Filled with inspirational Scriptures and real-life stories of playmakers such as Tony Dungy, Allan Houston, Kurt Warner, and John Wooden, this game plan will teach you what God has in store for men living in his Zooooooone.

Dr.JoePettigrew is a highly distinguished consultant and former College Dean. He is also the founder of Leaderpoint a national leadership consulting business. He is among a very elite group of leadership coaches worldwide to hold a Doctorate in the field of Leadership. Dr.Pettigrew has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, U.S.A. Today and the WallStreet Journal.

KyleRote, Jr. is a member of the Soccer Hall of Fame- and represented the United States in in international competition for four years. Kyle was also the champion of ABC-TV’s popular Superstars competition in1974, 1976, and1977(defeating such celebrities as O.J. Simpson, Lynn Swann and Roger Staubach). He is the founder of Athletic Resource Management, Inc.,a successful sports agency that represents dozens of pro athletes and coaches.