This is an uplifting book that has inspired me to know I am not alone in this life.

Chris Mortensen

What You Will Find In The Book.......

How Do You Know when You Are “Living Life “In The Zone”?

Day 1 With God:  Going to Him First    

Day 2 With Yourself:   Having Some Alone Time with God  

Day 3 With your Wife:   A Lifetime of Sacrifice  

Day 4 With your Children:  Talking the Talk—Walking the Walk   

Day 5 With your Friends:  Developing Real Friendships   

Day 6 At Work:   Would Your Co-Workers Be Surprised That You Are a Christian?   

Day 7 Regarding Your Future:  Living above It All—or Simply Going with the Flow    

Finding “The Zone” in Your Relationship with Women

Day 8 Going Against the Trend:  Staying Faithful in an Unfaithful Generation   

Day 9 Loving an Imperfect Woman:  Rekindling Your Marriage   

Day 10 Improving Your Sex Life:  God Invented Sex It’s OK to Enjoy It   

Day 11 Building up Your Mate:  Creating Your Real Dream Team   

Day 12 Don’t Look for Trouble:  Faultfinding Is Not a Sport   

Day 13 Unexpected Baggage:  Loving the Family That Comes with Your Wife

     Day 14  I've Got Her Back:  Loving Unconditionally   
Finding “The Zone” in Your Relationship with Your Children

Day 15 Important Role Played by Today’s Man:  The Protector   

Day 16 Defining Your Legacy:  What Do You Want to Leave Your Children?   

Day 17 Dealing with Daily Stress:  Your Actions Speak Louder than Your Words   

Day 18 Home Improvement :  Making Your House—God’s Home   

Day 19 Someone Is Always Watching:  Being an Example—Every Day!   

Day 20 Making Time for What Is Important:You Must Not Leave Children to Themselves

Finding “The Zone” in Your Relationships with Your Friends

Day 22 Making Wise Choices:  Show Me Your Friends, I Will Show You Your Future 

Day 23 Can You Keep a Secret?  Women Don’t Have the Edge on Gossiping   

Day 24 Becoming a Great Friend:  Keeping Each Other Focused on the Prize   

Day 25 Seek to Understand:  Men Are Better Problem Solvers than Listeners  

Day 26 Iron Sharpens Iron:  Men Need Other Men as Real Friends   

Day 27 Calling Men Up:  When Silence Is a Sin  

Day 28 Friends Walk in the Same Direction: If Your Friends Follow You

Finding “The Zone” in Your Relationships at Work

Day 29 Being Real at Work:  Tired of Trying to Be Someone You’re Not?   

Day 30 Living up to Your Potential:  Life Is a Terrible Thing to Waste   

Day 31 Determining Your Priorities:  The Eternal Balancing Act   

Day 32 Letting Go of Your Wants and Needs:  Knowing That God Will Provide   

Day 33 When Is Enough Really Enough? Is Daily Bread All You Really Need?   

Day 34 Getting Even Is up to God:  Everything Will Be Made Right  

Day 35 Climbing the Ladder of Success:  While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground  

Finding “The Zone” as You Look to the Future

Day 36 Fighting the Battle:  Delivering the Message   

Day 37 Becoming the New You:  Who Do You Really Want to Be?   

Day 38 No Worries:  Doing the Right Thing Is Sometimes Difficult   

Day 39 An Audience of One:  Who Will You Please Today?   

Day 40 The Day Has Finally Come:  I Will Now Be a Better Man   


Celebrities Featured In The Book

Allan Houston, Vice President, New York Knicks
Wayne Huizenga, Jr., Former Owner of Miami Dolphins
Magic Johnson, MVP, Los Angeles Lakers
Michael Jordan, MVP, Chicago Bulls
Tom Landry, Coach, Dallas Cowboys
Ken Lay, CEO, Enron
Vince Lombardi, Coach, Green Bay Packers
Archie Manning, MVP, New Orleans Saints
Chris Mortensen, ESPN, NFL Insider
Joe Namath, MVP, New York Jets
Tom Osborne, Coach, Nebraska
Tony Dungy, Coach, Indianapolis Colts
Bud Paxton, President, ION-TV
Scottie Pippen, MVP, Chicago Bulls
Mark Richt, Coach, Georgia
Mark Sanford, Governor, South Carolina
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, California
O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills
ene Stallings, Coach, NFL/NCAA
Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys
es Steckel, President, FCA
Bob Stoops, Coach, Oklahoma
Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins
Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals
Reggie White, Green Bay Packers
John Wooden, Coach, UCLA