Welcome and thank you for your prayerful consideration.

In The Zone is a national Christian ministry dedicated to helping men live and grow in faith. Using messages from successful leaders in Sports and Business, In The Zone inspires, educates and guides men to support their families, their communities and one another.

We accomplish this through:

  • Hosting 12 national events each year called RISE-UP
  • Delivering a year-long men’s curriculum called How To Be A Man
  • Offering a weekly Bible Study by Rick Burgess online each Wednesday
  • Distributing the daily Men’s Huddle devotional 
  • Developing Christ-centered curriculum for today’s men groups and individuals.

As a non-profit organization In The Zone is largely supported by your tax-deductible contributions. We appreciate your prayerful consideration of support. Please use the form below, or mail your check to:

 In The Zone Ministries

12 Plymouth St.

Arlington, MA 02476



That all men will grow in the Lord Jesus Christ and will consistently honor Him in every area of their lives and will share this great news with others.


In The Zone Ministry exists to develop Biblically grounded men who:

· Accepts their role as the Spiritual Leader of their family

· Explore the Word of God in continuous study

· Reach out to men in the community and share the Gospel

· Hold other men accountable to God’s standards


“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.”   

                                       1 Corinthians 16:13-14



Connect Men To The Local Church

Pastors desired their men to stay in the local community instead of traveling to arenas in major cities.  They want to be present with men from their church when they received Christ, to assimilate them into the church and provide them with the support they needed along their journey. IN THE ZONE will keep men in their local communities. Men from participating church will be encouraged to invite their friends from their community to attend the event. This will be a great tool to evangelize the unchurched men in the community that are not attending church currently. Another great advantage will be bringing the men of local communities together regardless of denominational barriers.

Develop And Produce Exciting And Deep Men’s Curriculum

Men that attend an exciting national event, often leave pumped-up, excited and on fire for Jesus Christ. However, when they return to their church, many are disappointed there are few organized programs and events to continue their mountaintop experience.  Many churches have outstanding programs for children, youth, and women but limited programming for men—especially men in the prime of life.  If they have an organized program, it is usually targeted to senior men that already have a solid Christian foundation. Many mega churches have programming available in different age groups, but in the majority of churches in the country the fire quickly burns out in the men, and it is life as usual. 

A new exciting powerful men’s curriculum has been developed for IN THE ZONE that will take men on a continued Biblical journey into manhood for a year.  It will be a continuance of the live event and keep men engaged and growing, and seeking for 12 months following IN THE ZONE.  Men will meet once a month to study God’s word using, “How To Be A Man.” The event will last one hour and will contain a 20-minute video featuring Rick Burgess, a detailed leaders guide, and participant books for all men. This is like a “men’s ministry in a box” that will bring men back to church excited and ready to hang out with their friends while continuing to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. 

Meeting Men Where They Are And Helping Them Find Their Path Through Scripture

The men being focused on by RISE-UP are men committed to Jesus as well as those that are currently not believers but have a desire to pursue Jesus.  IN THE ZONE is for men in all stages of life. Men that are working hard to provide for their families, men that trying hard to figure out being marriage or having a relationship with a woman, men that are trying to be Godly fathers to their children, and most of all men that want to be more grounded in their faith and knowledge of the Bible.

Assist The Local Church Evangelize To Men

We are praying for a revival for men in America, and that means finding a way for the masses of men to get involved and more committed to their walk with Jesus.  

How do we attract today’s fathers, husbands, and single guys to and event where they will experience Jesus?  How do we get men to give up a morning that could change their life forever? They must be offered something they believe will be exciting, informative and a once in a lifetime experience.  Small towns can’t afford to bring notable celebrities into their communities unless they find a creative way to do so.  We want to start a revival for Jesus Christ in the hearts of men in America! It can start in your community.

Feeding Men That Are Hungry For Jesus

With a few exceptions in America, the men’s movement has diminished since Promise Keepers.  Men are hungry for direct teaching on how to live their lives as a committed Christian.  We believe men are ready to explode for Jesus. We find that men are looking for a place to go to “ experience being a real man” while hearing the Gospel. There are many outstanding churches, and a great deal of them have excellent men’s ministries.  However, this is not the norm for America.  Most churches have strong youth, children and women's programing.  

We believe that as so our men go in America, as so goes America. We believe the only way to heal this great nation is to bring it to Christ.  A recent Barna study cited the following statistic.  “If a child becomes a Christian it may impact his family for Christ, 8% of the time.  If the mother becomes a Christian it may impact the family for Christ 32% of the time.  However, if the father becomes a Christian it may impact the family for Christ  76% of the time.  We can’t afford not to take action.