Choose to host Saturday, March 30th or August 24th!


WHAT IS gameday 2019?

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat...this drama is lived out daily in sporting arenas all across the U.S. —as well as in the everyday lives of America ’s men. GameDay 2019, a groundbreaking live event coming to your church to meet men at the intersection of faith and sports, a universal language that many speak. 

Taking a cue from popular talk shows such as Pardon the Interruption, College Football GameDay and NBA Halftime. GameDay 2019 produces a forum for talking about family, marriage, work and their relationship with Jesus Christ. Creating an atmosphere much like a locker room with coaches laying out the big game plan, GameDay engages men in a discussion about how to become the spiritual leader of their families. Its real guys discussing real issues and how to become a better follower of Christ, husband, father, friend and worker.


Who Should Come

GameDay 2019 is for men seeking to understand their role as the spiritual leader of their family. Men who want to improve their skills and confidence in raising Godly children. Men who want to experience a solid Christian marriage. Men who are overwhelmed by the magnitude of their responsibilities and discouraged by the culture that is infiltrating their family. Men who want to be an influencer for Christ in the workplace. Men desiring to be active feet on the ground for Jesus.

What's It Like

The energy and excitement of ESPN, the truth of the Gospel, and the candor and transparency of a football coach watching game film. An intimate conversation with your best friends. A fast paced 3 hours packed with Biblical wisdom, infectious humor and untold stories from some of America’s most famous sports personalities. Topics to be discussed include: fatherhood, dealing with and understanding women, demonstrating your faith at work, and living your life In The Zone—God’s Zone.

Men Will Learn

Men learn how many of the greatest sports and business celebrities in the world deal with the same problems you deal with in raising a family, understanding women and standing firm as a Christian. How to bring out the best in their family while creating an example for their children to follow. How to avoid the many temptations men are faced with in the world today. How to identify and build relationships with likeminded Christian friends. How to become the true spiritual leader of your family. 


Most men enjoy sports. It is seen as the common language today. Look at GameDay 2019 as an opportunity for your members to invite men who are not familiar with what God has to offer to them. This will be a non-threatening, casual, friendly event where unchurched men can make solid friends, and hear the Word from regular guys and many of the sports celebrities they admire. 


We encourage you to avoid the mistake of waiting until a couple of months prior to the event to let men in the community know it is coming. GameDay 2019 has a detailed 5-month plan to make sure your event is a success. Men are not impulsive at attending events, and many do tend to wait to the last minute to act.  

Download the GameDay Brochure as well as a letter of encouragement from one of In The Zone's founders, Joe Petegrew.