Living in the zone―that state of mind when almost everything seems to be working for you―is every man's desire. But how does a man live in the zone as a Christian?

This 40-day spiritual journey is a sports-filled prescription for today's busy man designed to help remove stress and give him confidence to embrace his daily adventure. Each chapter is:

  • Designed to strengthen both churched and unchurched men
  • Brief enough for men to enjoy but with spiritual depth
  • Filled with issues that are real but often not discussed in church
  • Concentrated on a daily spiritual to-do list

Divided into four sections: Marriage, Children, Work, and Faith, each daily reading includes:

  • thought of the day
  • words of wisdom on a particular subject
  • biblical perspective
  • insight for living it out
  • questions to ponder
  • today's call to action
  • prayer requests

Real life stories focusing on the faith journey of famous athletes, coaches, businessmen, and other public figures encourages men that they too can handle adversity, walk in faith, and live in the zone.

Includes input from celebrities such as Tony Dungy, Lee Corso, Chris Mortensen, Bobby Bowden and many more.



Lee Corso


"I highly recommend this book.
Don't miss it."

Mike Huckabee


"A book for the regular guy that loves Jesus. The best book for men I have read."

Les Steckel


"Take this 40 day journey and watch how your life takes on new purpose."

About the authors


Dr. Joe Pettigrew is a highly distinguished consultant, former College Dean and the founder of Leaderpoint, a national leadership consulting business. He is among a very elite group of leadership coaches worldwide to hold a Doctorate in the field of Leadership. Dr. Pettigrew has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, U.S.A. Today and the WallStreet Journal.

Kyle Rote Jr. is a member of the Soccer Haled States in international competition for four years. Kyle was also the champion of ABC-TV’s popular Superstars competition in 1974, 1976, and1977 (defeating such celebrities as O.J. Simpson, Lynn Swann and Roger Staubach). He is the founder of Athletic Resource Management, Inc., a successful sports agency that represents dozens of pro athletes and coaches.


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