This 40-day spiritual journey is a sports-filled prescription for today's busy man designed to help remove stress and give him confidence to embrace his daily adventure. Each chapter is:

  • Designed to strengthen both churched and unchurched men
  • Brief enough for men to enjoy but with spiritual depth
  • Filled with issues that are real but often not discussed in church
  • Concentrated on a daily spiritual to-do list

Divided into four sections: Marriage, Children, Work, and Faith, each daily reading includes:

  • thought of the day
  • words of wisdom on a particular subject
  • biblical perspective
  • insight for living it out
  • questions to ponder
  • today's call to action
  • prayer requests

About Us

Lee Corso

"I highly recommend this book.
Don't miss it."
ESPN College GameDay

Mike Huckabee

"A book for the regular guy that loves Jesus.
The best book for men I have read."
Huckabee on Fox 

Les Steckel

"Take this 40 day journey and watch how your life takes on new purpose."
Former President


what is the book about?

“Our years of research have identified a generation of men that are living in the most stress-infused culture in history,” says Dr. Joe Pettigrew , a highly distinguished leadership consultant and leading authority on the issues affecting today’s senior executives. Pettigrew co-authored Living Life In The Zone with Kyle Rote , Jr. , the only American born player to ever win a major professional soccer league scoring championship and founder of Athletic Resource Management, Inc., a successful sports agency that represents some 40 pro athletes. 

“Men are being pulled apart by their desire to succeed in their career, provide for their family, meet the needs of their spouse and be a ‘Super Dad’ for their kids,” continues Pettigrew. “When they add faith to their already packed schedules, church tends to seem more of an obligation than a possible solution to their unbalanced life”. Living Life In The Zone will share stories of how well known sports personalities and some of the world’s most successful businessmen struggle with the same issues as regular guys do on a daily basis. 

“Having your priorities in the right order is key to living a successful life,” notes Michael Glenn , Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications, FedEx Corporation. 

Living Life In The Zone is designed to help you deal with the challenges we face on a daily basis while not compromising those priorities.”  “It is a relevant, fast read, life changing read that I am proud to be a part of,” says Mike Gottfried , ESPN college football analyst. 

The book takes a four-quarter approach and utilize the connecting thread of sports, hunting, fishing and cars to transition to the more weighty issues that most men face today—work, women, fatherhood and how to balance it all. The book aims to help redefine men’s perceptions of success, manhood and what it means to live out their faith in today’s society. Living Life In The Zone is about uncovering best practices, not perfect practices, in regards to finding solutions to the most common struggles of manhood—an opportunity for men of all walks of life to identify with the challenges and difficulties we all face. 

With its unique approach, Living Life In The Zone is  gaining the attention and support of respected organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Promise Keepers and Men’s Fraternity.

Power. Grace. Strength. Fearlessness. That is Living Life in the Zone. For many men, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an athlete elevate his game to another realm. Quarterbacks thread passes through impossibly tight creases. Golfers sink pressure-packed putts. Sluggers park baseballs ten rows deep in the cheap seats. Everything came into focus. Against all reason, time slowed down.

If only we mortals were so lucky. Between the stresses of work and the pressures of parenthood and marriage, our time-our life-flies by faster than major league fastball. Can we hope to elevate our game and enter the zone?

Living Life in the Zone is a 40-Day spiritual journey for discovering abundant life. Filled with inspirational Scriptures and real-life stories of playmakers such as Tony Dungy, Allan Houston, Kurt Warner, and John Wooden, this game plan will teach you what God has in store for men living in his Zooooooone.

Table of Contents

Day 1 With God: Going to Him First 

Day 2 With Yourself: Having Some Alone Time with God  

Day 3 With yur Wife:  A Lifetimeof Sacrifice 

Day 4 With your Children: Talking the Talk—Walking the Walk  

Day 5 With your Friends: Developing Real Friendships  

Day 6 At Work: Would Co-Workers Be Surprised You Are a Christian? 

Day 7 Regarding Your Future: Living above It All, or Going with the Flow  

Day 8 Going Against the Trend: Faithful in an Unfaithful Generation  

Day 9 Loving an Imperfect Woman: Rekindling Your Marriage 

Day 10 Improving Your Sex Life: God Invented Sex It’s OK to Enjoy It  

Day 11 Building up Your Mate: Creating Your Real Dream Team  

Day 12 Don’t Look for Trouble: Faultfinding Is Not a Sport 

Day 13 Unexpected Baggage: The Family That Comes with Your Wife

Day 14 I've Got Her Back: Loving Unconditionally  

Day 15 Important Role Played by Today’s Man: The Protector 

Day 16 Defining Your Legacy: What Do You Want to Leave Your Children?  

Day 17 Dealing with Daily Stress: Actions Speak Louder than Your Words  

Day 18 Home Improvement : Making Your House—God’s Home  

Day 19 Someone Is Always Watching: Being an Example—Every Day!  

Day 22 Making Wise Choices: Show Me Your Friends, I Will Show You Your Future 

Day 23 Can You Keep a Secret? Women Don’t Have the Edge on Gossiping  

Day 24 Becoming a Great Friend: Keeping Each Other Focused on the Prize  

Day 25 Seek to Understand: Men Are Better Problem Solvers than Listeners 

Day 26 Iron Sharpens Iron: Men Need Other Men as Real Friends  

Day 27 Calling Men Up: When Silence Is a Sin 

Day 28 Friends Walk in the Same Direction: If Your Friends Follow You

Day 29 Being Real at Work: Tired of Trying to Be Someone You’re Not?  

Day 30 Living up to Your Potential: Life Is a Terrible Thing to Waste  

Day 31 Determining Your Priorities: The Eternal Balancing Act  

Day 32 Letting Go of Your Wants and Needs: Knowing That God Will Provide  

Day 33 When Is Enough Really Enough? Is Daily Bread All You Really Need?  

Day 34 Getting Even Is up to God: Everything Will Be Made Right 

Day 35 Climbing the Ladder of Success: While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground  

Day 36 Fighting the Battle: Delivering the Message  

Day 37 Becoming the New You: Who Do You Really Want to Be?  

Day 38 No Worries: Doing the Right Thing Is Sometimes Difficult  

Day 39 An Audience of One: Who Will You Please Today?  

Day 40 The Day Has Finally Come: I Will Now Be a Better Man   

Featured Celebrities

Allan Houston, Vice President, New York Knicks
Wayne Huizenga, Jr., Former Owner of Miami Dolphins
Magic Johnson, MVP, Los Angeles Lakers
Michael Jordan, MVP, Chicago Bulls
Tom Landry, Coach, Dallas Cowboys
Ken Lay, CEO, Enron
Vince Lombardi, Coach, Green Bay Packers
Archie Manning, MVP, New Orleans Saints
Chris Mortensen, ESPN, NFL Insider
Joe Namath, MVP, New York Jets
Tom Osborne, Coach, Nebraska
Tony Dungy, Coach, Indianapolis Colts
Bud Paxton, President, ION-TV
Scottie Pippen, MVP, Chicago Bulls
Mark Richt, Coach, Georgia
Mark Sanford, Governor, South Carolina
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, California
O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills
Gene Stallings, Coach, NFL/NCAA
Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys
Les Steckel, President, FCA
Bob Stoops, Coach, Oklahoma
Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins
Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals
Reggie White, Green Bay Packers
John Wooden, Coach, UCLA

A must read for today's christian men

Why This Book?

Because many men still have the desire to have a real faith dialog, but much of today's current church literature and methodology doesn't appeal to them.  Living In The Zone—that state of mind when almost everything seems to be working for you—is every man's desire. But how does a man live in The Zone as a Christian?

About The Authors

Dr.JoePettigrew is a highly distinguished consultant and former College Dean. He is also the founder of Leaderpoint a national leadership consulting business. He is among a very elite group of leadership coaches worldwide to hold a Doctorate in the field of Leadership. Dr.Pettigrew has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, U.S.A. Today and the WallStreet Journal.

KyleRote, Jr. is a member of the Soccer Haled States in in international competition for four years. Kyle was also the champion of ABC-TV’s popular Superstars competition in1974, 1976, and1977(defeating such celebrities as O.J. Simpson, Lynn Swann and Roger Staubach). He is the founder of Athletic Resource Management, Inc.,a successful sports agency that represents dozens of pro athletes and coaches..,a successful sports agency that represents dozens of pro athletes and coaches.ed States in in international competition for four years. 

What It's About?

Real life stories focusing on the faith journey of famous athletes, coaches, businessmen, and other public figures encourages men that they too can handle adversity, walk in faith, and live in the zone. 

Includes input from celebrities such as Tony Dungy, Lee Corso, Chris Mortensen, Bobby Bowden and many more.


The book is sold as a single book or is also available in bulk with large group discounts for your men's ministry.

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It has been endorsed by ESPN’s Lee Corso, Chris Mortensen, and JB Brown. Also recommending the book is FCA’s Les Steckel, Fox News Mike Huckabee, NBA’s Allan Houston, President of American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon, Pastor of Fellowship Church Ed Young, Coach Tom Osborne, Idlewild Baptist Pastor Ken Whitten, Orlando Magic’s Pat Williams and Legendary Coach John Wooden.

The following reviews can be found on Christianbooks.com:

“I had my husband look over this book because I really wanted an  honest appraisal of how this book meets its target audience. He has  really loved it. He’s a third of a way through and plans on continuing  with it to the end of the 40 days. “

“ My husband does not like reading most things but is finding this book  both to be engaging and useful. He says it makes him think about  things differently.”  

“I think if you are in the market for a spiritual tool for your walk, Living  Life in the Zone will make a lovely gift to yourself or the man/men in  your life.” 

“Being the wife of an NFL fanatic, I jumped at the chance to review a  men's sports devotional, and I give it a TouchDown! With an easy to  read straightforward man to man format, this sports-themed  devotional speaks to real issues real men face.” 

“This is the book for men. Not just a book, but the book. Though I am  not a man by any means, I was able to get through it and enjoy it  immensely -- I honestly cannot say I've ever read a book quite like it.  It captures forty days of a man's life -- your life -- connecting one to  both God and sports.” 

“The 40-day game plan is very step-by-step and self-explanatory; it  doesn't feel like reading an overwhelming self-help book...it feels like  reading your own journal. It is not one of those books where you can  read it and voilà, your life is perfect; it's one of those books you read  over and over again to tweak and orient your life as you know it until  you achieve that satisfying perfection. “

“Keep this one close to your heart because the more you read it, the  more improvement you'll see. “

“Even though this book is appropriate for a single, engaged, or  married men, women can benefit from some of the lessons. I was a  bit apprehensive when I chose this book to read. “

“I am not a Christian, and I do not follow any faiths, so I was not sure  if this book would be one that preached. I was pleasantly surprised  that this book was not at all preaching. Though it has scripture, it is  written in such a way that all individuals can gain insight from the  words. I enjoyed that each day was separated into sections. The  sections are brief and to the point. I particularly enjoyed the real-life  stories used to convey the message.”

“When I chose to review 'Living Life in the Zone' by Kyle Rote Jr. and  Dr. Joe Pettigrew, I didn't realize it was a '40-Day Game Plan for  MEN.' Yup, that's right, I chose a book to review strictly for men...and  I'm a woman. Overall I found the book to be an excellent devotional.”

 “I loved this book—and I’m a woman!”  

“This book is written by and for men—in particular sports orientated  men—but most importantly—married men! However, women may  find it interesting too! I'll admit it, I have no frame of reference.  However, this IS a Bible study I would benefit from my hubby  participating in. “

“I can't say enough good things about this book, and I wish every  man I know (but especially one)would delve right into it. And Ladies?  We could benefit by putting a lot of it into practice as well.”